Our Vision

FPC LogoLettersLeft-Color-cropWe are called to Commitment-an ongoing, unconditional giving of ourselves to God in enthusiastic participation and involvement. It is being ever present and actively doing. Neither a spectator sport nor an occasional pastime, Commitment is the daily answering to God’s purpose for our lives.

We are called to Spiritual Renewal, awakened by God from above and within. As willing vessels worthy of the fresh wine of the Holy Spirit, by faith our transformed souls rise above our old and familiar ways, looking beyond what we “know”, that has sometimes limited our growth, into what we can become. Embracing this Renewal, we partake in the fulfillment of God’s desires for this time and place, Fellowship Presbyterian-God’s Church.

We are called to be Caring, loving one another, as does our Savior. Being supportive, nurturing, and compassionate are expressions of Caring as are words and deeds of encouragement and the spontaneous shouldering of another’s burden. In place of criticism, we listen and offer acknowledgment, respect, inclusiveness, and acceptance. We forge a readiness to serve God’s larger intention for the world as faithful witnesses of God’s peace and love.

We are called to Mission, an outworking of an inner conviction to serve and to share. Having modeled how to care for our Fellowship family, we extend grace to all humankind, lifting spirits, inspiring hope, giving rest. Faithful stewards of community and earth, we are responsible caretakers for all of God’s creation-a connectedness, near and far, individual and corporate.

We are called to Discipleship and the fulfillment of being a “Disciple” to learn and understand. Thirsting after a fresher understanding of God, many were attracted to Jesus. Reframing the Holy Scriptures and drawing upon his surroundings, Christ transformed our views of God, conveying insight and a sense of the Divine Presence in everyday life. We are called as Disciples to follow our Savior’s example, growing through studying, internalizing, even living the Scriptures, and seeing anew God’s Radiance in daily interaction with a post-modern world this is increasingly fragmented and estranged from God.